Our own OS

Our own operating has now been deployed on our own development boxes. What this means is we can now take over Android TV boxes and turn them into our own Linux Devices. This not only makes the Android boxes safer for use. With our own in-house software that has end to end encryption you can rest assured that your TV boxes from us are so security friendly they make Yale locks seem unsafe, we’re obviously joking but our devices are extremely secure. In the unlikelihood our devices become stolen they are pretty much useless to anyone who wishes to use them outside of their original intended purpose.

We are very pleased to tell you about our achievement with these boxes and hope to release them to our marketing hosts very soon.

Remember if you are looking to advertise within the Wirral we can help you. With more area’s opening up very soon, why not get in touch and express your interest today: info@wlgfx.co.uk.

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